Yoga and Neuroscience Workshop, 8-10.november

Yoga and Neuroscience Workshop, 8-10.november

With Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas, PhD, RYT200

Do you want to learn about how the brain works?  Do you want to know what changes in your brain when you practice yoga, meditation or pranayama? Yoga teacher and neuroscientist Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas will guide you through an exciting weekend of learning, self-discovery and asana fun. You will learn how movement, memory and yoga are related; you will also learn about brain plasticity – how you can shape your brain through thoughts and actions. No previous knowledge of neurosciences or biology is required. The workshop is open to all levels of yoga practicioners.



The full weekend workshop includes four sessions combining lectures, pranayama, meditation and vinyasa flow.

Friday 17:00-20:00 —- Intro. to neurobiology 1 + Vinyasa flow
Saturday 9:00-12:00 —- Intro. to neurobiology 2 + Vinyasa flow
Saturday 13:00-16:15 —- Shape your thoughts, shape your brain
Meditation and the brain
Sunday 9:00-12:00 —- Breathing through your problems + Vinyasa flow


See the full program here: Yoga and Neuroscience Workshop Bodø 2019


Investment and booking:

Earlybird pricing: 1400 NOK all 4 sessions when you book by October 15.

After October 15: 450 NOK per session (3 hrs), or 1600 NOK for all 4 sessions

To book your spot contact Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas


Viktória Szentkereszty-Havas has studied psychology, neurosciences and completed her PhD in biomedicine – with a focus on cognitive neurosciences – in 2014. Her research projects of the last ten years studied the mechanisms of learning, memory and multilingualism. Viktória has been studying yoga, martial arts and other movement disciplines for over three decades. Her objective as a yoga teacher is to provide her students with knowledge that empowers them to lead more fulfilled and fruitful lives. This workshop brings her two passions – yoga and neuroscience – together to show how Eastern wisdom and Western science can go hand in hand. Viktória invites you for an adventure through mind and body to learn about how your brain works and why practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation is beneficial for your health.